Macro Floral Photographs
Floral Prints and Note Cards -

These photographs are used to create various sizes of matted and framed prints and all occasion handcrafted floral note cards to provide images to
enhance your thoughts... Each 5" 7" note card is suitable for framing and the borders on the cards can be either white or black.  The graphic below
represents the front and back of the card, the inside is white and left blank,  
 Check out my flower and elk gallery at Shutterstock   To purchase the
high resolution framed and matted photographs or floral note cards or have any questions, please contact:

Additionally, the floral note cards and framed photographs can be purchased at the following retail outlets:

Winkler Gallery of Fine Art - DuBois, Pennsylvania

Elk Country Visitor Center - Benezette, Pennsylvania

Evergreen Valley Vineyards - Luthersburg, Pennsylvania

Elk County Council on the Arts Gallery - Ridgway, Pennsylvania

Fairlady & Company - Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

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XXXXXX A Handcrafted Floral Note Card
XXX XXXXX by Paul Staniszewski
He chose macro photography as a medium for
self-expression. The classic definition of this art
form refers to close-up photography that captures
the subject close to the same size or larger. Driven
by a desire to create his own distinctive style and
vision, he began to experiment by photographing
flowers. These photographs combine his view of
natural objects as he sees them with a desire to
share with others their beauty and diversity. All of
the subjects are photographed outdoors in their
natural environment with no artificial light and are
left undisturbed. Depicting objects through macro
photography emphasizes texture and contrast to
present an exceptional level of detail and a three
dimensional effect. Techniques available in the
digital darkroom result in a clean uncluttered
photograph that allows the viewer to focus
attention on the intrinsic visual beauty of the
Macro Floral Photographs
Ordering Flower Prints or Note Cards:

Single cards (you select) are $4.50 each or 3 for $12.00 - Cards and envelope are sealed in a clear plastic envelope.

Note card orders over  $24.00 are shipped free and there is $1.00 shipping and handling fee on orders under $24.00.

4" X 6" high resolution photograph with black mat (5" X 7") and frame: $12.00 + Shipping

8" X 10" high resolution photograph with black mat (11" X 14") and frame: $48.00 + Shipping

11" X 14" high resolution photograph with black mat (16" X 20") and frame: $60.00 + Shipping
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